Want to get to the top of the mountain before everyone else and get there with plenty of extra zip and power? Then ride a Morgan. Want a horse that you can ride today and if you can't ride again for a month or even longer, not want to have to retrain or re-break the horse? Get a Morgan. Want to have a horse that will show you affection as well as be your friend? You need to have a Morgan. We found that the Morgan Horse is the all around family horse as well as western working horse for just about any project you want. We raised four boys with our Morgans and enjoy our horses for just about anything we do. We drive, them, ride them, pack them, go to the mountains, go to parades and do anything we want. Morgans are versatile! They are more adaptable to any situation than any horse we could have ever gotten for our family.

Our first mare was called Shawnee Lass. She was 17 when we got her. She had many more colts and at 26 we chose not to re-breed her. She was the grand-dam of our stallion Pierre Noire. Shawnee was an unusual mother. She would have her colt up within a few minutes and walking. She kept that colt going from day to dark, seldom letting him/her rest. She was one of the best!

picture of BomboWe bought Bombo from Ramul Dvarshkis when Bombo was 6 years old. He was our stallion for several years, siring both Morgan colts and cross bred colts. He was a "family horse" and was used for everything. We broke him to drive both single and double and used him to break other horses. He could be used by child or adult alike, was never hard to control and was one of the greatest horses we have owned. Interestingly, he seldom threw a filly. Almost all the colts were horse colts. The few fillies were special.

Cody's Curly was a colt out of Shawnee and Bombo. At 9 months old, he was broke to drive and with a little cart the boys drove him all over our area. We put pony shoes on him and wore them out! Cody's Curly was driven as a team with Bombo and the "team of stallions" was a favorite with those who saw them.

Our first mares were Shawnee Lass, Ramul's Princess and Ramul's Bay Comet. Ramul's Princess died in August of 2003.  What a grand lady she was.  We cried when she died.  Ramul's Bay Comet is owned by a young lady in Casper Wyoming.  This mare has been greatly used for showing and training.   We have purchased many more Morgans over the years and have good memories about all of those we have owned.

When we came back to Wyoming in 1994 we began looking for a new stallion. We left Bombo in California; he had become too old to breed. A black Morgan was advertized over in the Riverton/Lander area.  Ramul went with me one day to look at this horse.  We found a four year old black stallion, nearly 16 hands tall, owned by an outfitter.  He had bought this stallion to breed to draft mares to get big dude horses for his hunting program.  When we begin looking at his bloodline, he was a grandson on his dam side of the first mare we bought, Shawnee Lass.  His sire was H-Saracen by the famous Cross Ranch stallion Chingadero.  We made the deal and that was the beginning of a great adventure. 

S Bar B Pierre Noire was the first colt sired by H-Saracen.  H-Saracen was 14 when Pierre was born.   We found out that Pierre was a smoky black.  Few if anyone in the area around Thermopolis area had seen any “colorful” Morgans. We had purchased several of the Ramul Dvarishkis mares. The first mare we bred to “Pierre” was Ramuls Barby and when the foal was born it was a beautiful palomino colt. I called Ramul to come  and see it.  When he arrived, I walked with him to the corral, I had not told him what it was.  When he looked in, he was surprised and said “…I never got anything like that!”  That was just the beginning of Pierre throwing buckskins and palominos.  The percentage of colored Morgans produced by Pierre was very high. Pierre died at 19 in August of 2009. He is greatly missed!

Our grullo stallion, Truwest Silver Suede, is a son of S-B Pierre Noire and Truwest Adobe Rose. He is a dun that also carries the cream gene. We are excited about what he will be giving us in foals. His first year to be a breeding stallion was the year of 2011, and our first crop of Suede foals arrived in the spring of 2012.

Suede meets the qualifications we have set up for our breeding stallions. Our first requirement is that the stallion have an awesome disposition. You can’t build a breeding program unless your main stallion has that special attitude. A quiet, friendly spirit with a willing heart is vital to our program. Pierre was such that prospective breeders could come and go right into his pen, even the family and he would stand and never get antsy or difficult to handle. Second, we look for good conformation and when that is satisfactory, we are blessed when we have “COLOR.”

In the fall of 2012 we added our newest breeding stallion, Worlds Edge Goldhawk. He is a palomino son of Californio and out of Funquest Ruby. He has been in the show circuit and went to the Grand National several years. The last time he was there he placed sixth in the Non Pro reining. The summer of 2006 he was campaigned in the Montana State Horse Show Association circuit in Western Pleasure and Western Control. He placed Reserve Champion in the 18-39 Western Pleasure. Hawk is now 24 years old. This is the last of the Californio blood. We are anxious to see what we will see on the ground after we breed him to some of our good Bar None Morgan mares.

We are working to preserve some of the old LU Sheep Ranch blood. We have also obtained some of the Tetonia line and also a mare with the Scarlet Hills blood of Jerry and Irma McGuire. These old mares are producing some good colts for us. We also try and lease a different bloodline occasionally to cross with our stallions to see what foals we get.

We like driving. Morgans are easy and quick to break to a cart or drive double.

(click to enlarge)

(Flyhawk x Sentola)
1944 chestnut stallion

(Tio Lalo x Sissey)
1967 palomino stallion

Go Hawk x Florette)
1926 black stallion

Red Vermont
(Jubilee King x Daisy Knox)
1934 chestnut stallion

(Chingadero x Teal Eye)
1974 smoky black stallion

(Ketchum x Haager)
1953 smoky cream stallion

The BAR NONE Brand by Don Bryan, The Cowboy Preacher

Years ago, along the old Chisholm Trail, a young cowboy cut a long-horned steer out of the herd. "What's your favorite brand?" a rider yelled to the young buckaroo through the noise of popping horns and bawling cattle. "Well, it could be the 'Four Sevens', but it's not", answered the cowboy. "And then again, it might be the 'Campstool', but it sure isn't. I reckon my favorite brand is the 'Vee Bar'." And why shouldn't the 'Vee Bar' be his favorite brand? For it was his father's brand.

The years passed and the depression came. Then one day, among the hidden valleys in the mountains of Arizona, the dust flew and the rocks rang. Riders on the R O's had roped a wild horse. "He's not a wild horse, he's branded", someone yelled. "Looks like a 'Diamond Tail' brand", said the wagon boss. Whose brand is the 'Diamond Tail'?" asked the horse jingler. No one knew the answer so they threw the slack, and he kicked loose, to run again with the wild ones. More years passed and World War II came. Then one day, on Guadalcanal, two friends met after long separation. "What's that design on your ring?" asked the soldier. "You remember when we roped that wild horse branded with the 'Diamond Tail'?" the marine answered. "Well, Elmer, I had that 'Diamond Tail' put on this ring - in gold. You see, it's my favorite brand."

Many more years passed. A man sat at a table carving leather and making sport ties out of saddle strings. He was branding the ties with a small running iron. "What's your favorite brand?" asked a visiting friend. "My favorite brand is the 'Bar None'," he answered. "And here's the reason why. When I was a boy, my favorite brand was my father's brand, because I thought he was the best roper in the whole wide world! But when I left home, I began to think about a brand for myself. I finally chose the 'Diamond Tail', because to me, it was associated with adventure and world success. However, the diamonds of the world began to lose some of their glitter as I grew older, because I became troubled with bad habits which bothered me. Some of these habits were hidden with the evil in my heart, but some were as plain as day." The leather worker laid aside his branding iron, leaned slightly forward, and continued." One night, in Alaska, my sweetheart, who had now been my wife for nearly seven years, knelt by her bed and trusted Christ as her personal Saviour. Her life suddenly changed. After several months, it finally dawned on me that it was real. I knew in my heart that I needed the same Saviour. So I turned from my sins and received Christ as my personal Saviour. He broke the strong habits which had enslaved me, and become an ever present help in the time of need. He did not cast me out and I learned that "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Acts 2:21. 'Bar None'

The friend of the leather carver appeared slightly embarrassed as he listened to this very personal account, but he tried to cover up his concern as he answered "You must have been pretty bad, but of course not everyone is like that. I go to church and I treat my neighbors just like I would want them to treat me." "That sounds pretty good," said the leather worker, "But what about your heart? Do you know the Bible says, 'whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer.' I John 3:15. It also says, 'whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart', Matthew 5:28. Romans 3:23 says, 'All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. 'Do you still believe that you are innocent?" We read in I John 1:8, "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us." "Well," replied the friend, "suppose I do sin, I'm still no worse than other people, and God is a God of love." "But God is also a God of wrath, for Romans 1:18 says, 'The wrath of God is revealed from heaven (or God) against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men.' John 3:36 says, 'He that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth (or remaineth) on him.' Again we read in Colossians 3:6 that, 'The wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.' Psalm 9:17 says, 'The wicked shall be turned into hell'." "But if all this is true," interrupted his friend, "I don't have a chance, and how could anyone possibly go to heaven?"

"Here is where I have 'good news' for you, " replied the leather carver. "The Bible says that 'Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners', I Timothy 1:15. The Bible also says, 'Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures,' I Corinthians 15:3. In other words, Christ took our punishment for our sins, in our place, in order that we might escape and have eternal life. When He hung on the cross, He was suffering for our sins, in order that we might be saved."

"Where I grew up in the 'flint hills' of Kansas, we would sometimes have great prairie fires. I remember the old timers talking about them. We feared those fires and we plowed the ground around our school house and other buildings in order to protect them. The fires would race across the prairie faster than a horse could run. Great flames reached high into the air, and all that was in the path would perish in the flames. The coyotes and the jackrabbits would not bother to hide themselves as they tried to escape, because of a great fear which possessed them. They were terrified by the approaching flames. If a rider was caught in the path of one of those prairie fires, it was certain death. And yet, there was a way of escape! He could climb off his horse, strike a match, and start another fire. He would soon burn off a place big enough to protect him and his horse. As the raging flames raced madly toward him he would sit there quietly, calming his horse, speaking words of confidence. The flames would part, passing by him, because a fire had already burned the place where he stood." "This is a picture of Christ as our sacrifice. The judgment fire of God descended upon him, for He gave Himself as a sacrifice for sins. (Hebrews 10:12). If we trust Him as our Saviour, then we will escape the judgment fire of hell, because we are in the place of safety, where the fire has already burned. We will also have eternal life because the Bible says, 'God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.' I John 5:11 and 12."

With these words, the leather carver calmly drew himself back, folded his arms, and gazed quietly at his friend. After several minutes the silence was broken. "I didn't realize sin was so terrible. I didn't know Christ suffered for me... I don't want to be under the judgment fire of God. I want to trust Christ as my Saviour, too." You may do so. 'Whosoever will may come,' - Bar None.

"My friend, don't you want to trust Christ as your Saviour, too? Do it. Put your name on the line below and tell others that you have trusted Christ as your personal Saviour and that you are now a Bible believing Christian." "I _______________________________________ am turning from my sins to Christ as my Saviour and Lord. I believe that He died on the cross for my sins, that He arose from the dead, and that He now lives to deliver me from the power of sin and to give me eternal life. By His grace and power I intend to live for Him who died for me." DATE ____________________

Note from Harvey and Lois: This brand, a bar with the letters N O N, is registered in Wyoming under our name, Harvey and Lois Seidel. The brand was registered for years in the Jackson area, but whoever had it let it expire in the mid 1970's. We have owned it since then. We know the truth of this little story listed above and it is our prayer that the Lord will use it to help you see your personal need to trust Christ as your Lord and saviour. If we can help you, please e-mail us at  


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