The Morgan Stallion is one of the marvels of the horse world. His disposition, quietness, willingness, and versatility is legendary. From the reputation and legacy of Justin Morgan the stallions we are honored to have carry on that heritage. I have seen these stallions nose the foals in their pasture herd, nuzzle small children who wandered into the pasture, work cattle, act like they are carrying a fragile package when mounted by a novice and give their all with vigor when asked. Their stamina coupled with a willing spirit make the Morgan a "horse to breed to." We use our stallions. They are western working Morgan Horses. This personality and ability is passed on to their foals. Each stallion has some special point that makes him an outstanding sire. View each one and choose which one you want to breed that special mare(s) to obtain the foal you have been wanting! Look at some of the pictures of the get of these studs.


(S Bar B Pierre Noire x Truwest Adobe Rose)
2008 smoky grulla stallion, Ee aa Cr/N

Truwest Silver Suede

S Bar B
Pierre Noire
H-Saracen Chingadero
Teal Eye
Leesa Lass Funquest Pat Hand
Shawnee Lass
Truwest Adobe Rose Robbi Sue's Success Story Robbi Sue's Sweet Success
In-Glen Elation
Pure D Powder Triton Dallas
Flee Powderwing
Complete pedigree can be found here.

Truwest Silver Suede is our Sr. Stallion at this time. He is a son of S Bar B Pierre Noire and Truwest Adobe Rose. We have the best of two breeding programs, The Blankenship Morgans, Truwest, and the Cross Ranch of Dubois. Suede has the disposition we demand in a breeding stallion, the size that is necessary in these Western Working Morgans and as a special surprise, the dun gene. He is a grullo, and for those of you who wonder what that is, it is a mouse grey color, the result of the dun gene acting on a black horse. Suede stands 15.3 hands and is massive. His bone is big and thick. His disposition is absolutely fabulous. He also carries the cream gene and gives some wonderful colored babies. We offer live cover and AI.

Another video of Suede under saddle
can be found here.

ABOUT THE DUN GENE- Dun is a dilution gene that lightens both red and black hair on the horse's body. Dun horses generally have primitive markings. These consist of a dorsal stripe (lineback) and possibly one or more of the following: bars on the sides of the hocks as well as above, below or behind the knees, a stripe over the withers, and sometimes concentric rings on the forehead known as cobwebbing. Bay dun, also known as zebra dun, is the most common expression of the dun factor. These horses have black points and bodies of some shade of tan or yellow. Their heads are usually darker than the body shade. Grullo or grulla results from the effect of dun on a black horse. These horses have black points and generally black or dark heads. Body colors vary from a bluish color, some almost light enough to be silver, through a beige shade. Primitive marks are black. There are also some dun shades with non-black points, referred to as red duns or claybank duns, which are the result of the dun dilution on a chestnut horse. Folk wisdom holds that lineback duns are very tough and durable, and are good horses for extreme situations. They generally have a reputation of being very dependable and standing up well to hard use. For more information on the dun dilution in Morgans, visit the Morgan Colors website.


(GRM In the Black x Mary Mels Swinger)
2014 black stallion, AA SynchroGait

Mtn Edge Black Chrome

GRM In the Black RG Rimlo Prince Valiant Black Vals Jim
RG Orcutt Ambrosia
Tretton Lady Midnight D Caduceus Denver
Lace TBM Midnight
Mary Mels Swinger WNS Windenstone Omar Sheriff
Woodrush Hilite
Mary Mels Glo Girl Stellar
Irish Mist
Click here to view his complete pedigree
This new black stallion has joined our herd. Mt Edge Chrome is a gaited Morgan stallion. Over the years we have had some gaited Morgan foals and have often wondered where they came from. These gaited Morgans we have raised have been extremely popular and in our breeding program very rare. A few years ago I began to think about adding some gaited stock to our breeding program. With the help of some knowledgeable breeders, we began to investigate the nuances of getting gaited stock.

Over the years the majority of gaited Morgans have been in the Utah breeders. Recently there have been some gaited Morgans in other well known breeding programs. Our new stallion is sired by GRM in the Black, and shows the classic black and size and conformation of the well known “Grunden Morgans” of Curtis, Nebraska. His dam Mary Mels Swinger has the bloodlines of “who’s who” in the gaited Morgan world. Standing over 15 hands as a two year old with the traits of an awesome head, wide front end and chest and amazing hind quarters, there is nothing about this young stallion you won’t like.

We thank Jared and Dan Young for allowing us to purchase this stallion and soon we will be adding some gaited mares to our broodmare lineup.


Harvey and Lois Seidel
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